Continuous strengthening and precise categorization

ZyXEL application intelligence is designed to provide the layer 7 application management, categorize covers the well-known network applications such as social, gaming, productivity, and other Web applications and behaviors. ZyXEL database supports over 3,000 categorize, along with the growing and ever-changing applications, our operate work with the repeating collect, analyze and Inspect verify flow cycle.

Bandwidth and traffic quota control

ZyXEL Application Intelligence provides up to 19 categories and over 600 applications, utilizes the DPI engine, enabling administrators to identify and categorize applications. In addition to filtering and classifying data, the application can establish blocks or traffic quota control policies, giving priority to productive applications and throttling acceptable network traffic, while simultaneously blocking unapproved applications, thus boosting productivity and preventing bandwidth abuse.

Smart Single-Pass Scanning Engine

Traditional scan engine has common defects including high latency and low performance, the reason was a difficult integration using multi-vendors. ZyXEL provide the single-pass scanning engine, which compares packet with Anti-Virus, IDP and application intelligence at the same time to significantly reduces latency and offers an unprecedented combination of speed and coverage.

Category List

  • USG Series
    FW V3.30 & Previous
  • USG Series
    FW V4.10 & Above

USG Series FW V3.30 & Previous

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