Faultless and zero-delay scan structure

SSL inspection eliminates hidden threats

Unbeatable categorical scanning

ZyXEL technology utilizes automated learning to keep data up-to-date by relying on extensive resources like user queries, URL dynamics, security alliances, and more than 200 industry leading web data centers. ZyXEL Content Filtering targets more than 60 content categories and covering six primary groupings:

  • Security threat: Websites that might spread malware, spyware, or phishing attacks
  • Adult: Any material not suitable for children, including sexual content and gambling sites
  • Illegal: Websites pertaining to illegal drugs, or promoting potentially illegal or immoral activity
  • Life information: General information websites relating people’s livelihood containing content related to business, education, news, travel, lifestyle etc.
  • Web entertainment and services: Web services providing real-time entertainment over the Internet, such as forums, games, streaming services, chat, etc.
  • Miscellaneous: Unclassified or personal websites

Full list of categories covered by ZyXEL Content Filtering:

URL categorization request tool


If a website is incorrectly rated or classified, a user may be denied access an appropriate site or gain access the website that should have been blocked.

To correct this situation, ZyXEL provides a reporting tool. In the event that a website has been miscategorized, users can report the website URL for reclassification. Users can also test and inquire regarding current classification, and suggest a suitable category. The process of checking and reporting a website is extremely simple. All the user has to do is open the product GUI, enter the website URL, and suggest a category. Our security technology and response service strives to review each report within a reasonable timeframe — generally within 24 to 72 hours from delivery during normal business hours — and take any necessary action soon after.